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Happy Birthday Dad!

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

While I was deciding what to write about I was also thinking about what to do that would be special for my Dad’s Birthday.  Then it dawned on me, why not write about him today and all of the ways he’s influenced my life!  So here’s Happy Birthday to the best Dad ever!


DadThrowingDad is the head honcho behind the pottery company Dodge Station Pottery. He’s been making pottery for over 30 years-as you can tell by the black and white photos I found.  He and my mom have been creating pottery for as long as I was born.  My brother, sister and I grew up running around the shop and playing in the clay.  If you’d like to see Dad throwing a pot click here..

ArtDad is also a painter, and a fine artists of all mediums.  Whether it be drawing, sculpture, etching, or screen printing, he’s taught me so much!  Well I guess I haven’t mentioned that besides being my dad, he was my high school art teacher…maybe I picked up a thing or two in class…


I’m sure everyone else is with me on this one when I say-  Happy Birthday Dad, from your family!  You’ve always been a great instructor, coach, and craftsmen to those you’ve educated in school and in sports.  But to us you’ve been our biggest teacher and fan!  Thanks for all you do!


Your Family

Dodge Station Pottery’s Photo Shoot

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

We were honored to have Duluth Trading Company come out and do a photo shoot at our shop.  I was the model for the fall catalog and boy was that day a steamer.  We were shooting for the fall book and it was 90+ and humid!  Let’s just say, I wasn’t thrilled about wearing the wool cap on top of the turtle neck and jacket.

What a fun day we all had though.  Rock star photographer Nick Berard did the shoot.  Melissa, Kristi, and Sopa were the women with the vision.  And Mom and Dad made everyone feel at home and want to stay.  When they left they were sent away with pottery and some of Dad’s of home brews.  We would love another visit from the Duluth crew anytime!